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Opinion: Conservas are pandemic rations for the foodie

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Conservas are a quick way of having a meal for two before a show at #mystictheather.

One could make the argument that conservas were made for quarantine.

Old World cuisine is making a comeback in the states. our lackluster selection get a European booster shot with brands like #JoséGourmet, #Espinaler, and #ConservasdeCambados

Before the pandemic, the food style was already making a comeback like #whitezinfandel, conserva was something that Americans didn't explore past the can of tuna, but Europeans have a history of preservation. Canning is a way to capture the catch at its peak—a tinned time capsule of unparalleled flavor and nutrients.

Why we love Conservas

A perfect accompaniment to oysters conserves and oysters alike have a long history. Just as curing fresh meat creates delicacies like salami and prosciutto, #conservas is not merely about preservation. In some countries, a culture of connoisseurship surrounds the industry, and its creations are appreciated right out of the can, often with friends & libations

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Sep 19, 2022

It’s true, conservas are delectable! Every time I dine at the Shuckery I take home 2-3 tins of these delicacies to stock my pantry for my next away from home adventure. We love to hike in Inverness and mountain bike at Annadele and finish off our excursion with a tailgate beer and a few tins of conservas and crackers, yummy! Recently, Will and I just saw Dave Matthews and stayed over at a sweet little hotel. I planned on eating in the room, dining out wasn’t on the concert night agenda, so here’s what I did. I made a salad for two with a homemade vinaigrette stored in a small jar to be poured over the greens before serving. …

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