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Opinion: Conservas are pandemic rations for the foodie

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Conservas are a quick way of having a meal for two before a show at #mystictheather.

One could make the argument that conservas were made for quarantine.

Old World cuisine is making a comeback in the states. our lackluster selection get a European booster shot with brands like #JoséGourmet, #Espinaler, and #ConservasdeCambados

Before the pandemic, the food style was already making a comeback like #whitezinfandel, conserva was something that Americans didn't explore past the can of tuna, but Europeans have a history of preservation. Canning is a way to capture the catch at its peak—a tinned time capsule of unparalleled flavor and nutrients.

Why we love Conservas

A perfect accompaniment to oysters conserves and oysters alike have a long history. Just as curing fresh meat creates delicacies like salami and prosciutto, #conservas is not merely about preservation. In some countries, a culture of connoisseurship surrounds the industry, and its creations are appreciated right out of the can, often with friends & libations

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