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I wanted to take the opportunity to give you some background of who I am and what I do. I love being a restauranteur, and I have done everything from wash dishes to work sautee.

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My Story

I am a restaurant junkie; I was hooked ever since my first job in Oklahoma at TGI Fridays. An industry that is easy to get into, quick money, and if you've got a work ethic, you can learn a wide range of skills on the fly. After moving to California and swapping corporate for farm-to-table, I'm on a mission to change the industry with a people-first mindset. My passion for serving people and my family's entrepreneurial spirit led me to open my first restaurant at 26, The Shuckery, in 2016. A restaurant that combined the brass tax of oyster farming with the feminity of the oyster. A neighborhood joint that focuses on hospitality for our guests, but my staff is the real pearl of my oyster bar. Aligning myself quite literally with my sister's business, The Oyster Girls, a traveling oyster bar. I love working with creative people. I stay motivated by breaking bread over ideas and learning about someone's passion so I can find ways to lift them up and support them. Into baking cakes? Put a new dessert on the menu. In school for graphic design? Make us a t-shirt, or put your spin on menu design. When my team succeeds, I succeed. Stay tuned for my next venture in the former beloved Dempseys location by the river. Luma Bar and Eatery coming in 2022.


I'm always looking for new and exciting people to join our team . Let's connect

707-981-7891- Shuckery Restaurant  

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