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Sustainability and our wine list

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Why we choose to serve natural, organic, biodynamic wine from around the world from the heart of California's wine country

Being in the heart of wine country, we get asked, "why don't you have more Sonoma County wines on your list?". The answer is simple and lies within our ethos.

" Our wine list boasts wines fermented with native yeast; this is important because the yeast accounts for about 40% of the taste and gives the wine identity and sense of place."

Just because the wine label says "Sonoma county" does not mean the wine is farmed sustainably.


The Wines We Pour are Alive and Vibrant

All the wines we are offering are made from #organically or #biodynamically farmed

vineyards, aka the winegrowers we work with care about the environment, the land, and the people. They don't use pesticides, herbicides, or any additives during the

winemaking. The wines are fermented with #nativeyeast (not commercial yeast. It is

essential as the yeast is about 40% of the taste of a wine, gives the wine an

identity, a sense of place). The winemaker we work with also uses a low amount of

sulfur to avoid shutting the wines. The wines we pour are alive and vibrant.

Our goal is to know how the wine is made and the producer to offer the purest

wines. The place where a wine comes from and how it's made is as important as

where the food comes from and how it was grown! We care about our seafood and

fish; we care about our wines!


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